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From the creator of Earl Weaver Baseball :

I Got It Baseball
Eddie Dombrower's Shareware Fantasy Baseball / Baseball Simulator Project

Code Last Updated July 9, 2002 - Version 1.1e Download here. Patches to upgrade here. Join the discussion here. 2002 All Star Break Stats now included... stats for all major league players through July 7, 2002. Click here to download the Zip file now. Version S1.1e includes implementation of Save/Load lineups and more (read more here).

Slid2eltrans.gif (1913 bytes) Welcome to my shareware baseball project: I Got It Baseball.   I hope to make this an ongoing cooperative collaboration between me and all of you to create a great baseball simulation experience.




 Click here to download the latest shareware version (S1.1e) of igiBall.The install file, setup_igi_S1.exe is about 1.75 MB. Includes 2000, 2001, 2002 (through the all star break) and old time players stats and rosters.

Almost all features are available for unregistered users. However, full simulated gameplay is limited at this time to registered users.

Patches to upgrade to S1.1e are available here. There is ONE patch to upgrade from version d to version e. There are several 150-225KB files to update to version d. Please check your version by selecting ABOUT from the HELP menu to see the current version number.

Click here to purchase a registration code available now through

Pricing for full registration is currently $27.50 US.

Click here to download the complete set of compatible stats. 2000, 2001 and 2002 start-of-season, and 2002 ALL STAR BREAK stats. This 280KB setup file also includes 9 team league with players from early to mid-1900s.

Note: These stats are included in full game download.

Stats for the 2002 final season stats will be available here at no extra charge.

About I Got It Baseball

As you may know, I created Earl Weaver Baseball for Electronic Arts and, before that, World Series Baseball for Mattel's Intellivision.  The igiBall game is based on the same engine that I created and used for the EWB products.

It's now shareware.  That's right, as part of the project, I'm making much of the game functionality available for free but will charge a reasonable fee to "unlock" the full functionality. As of this writing, the functionality requiring a fully paid registration includes full statistical accumulation of simulated seasons. Without paying the fee, you can play all the individual games you want.

Click here to join the discussion. as this project depends on your feedback.

For those looking for information about the Earl Weaver Baseball products, try the unofficial support site set up at

I look forward to working and playing with you as we develop this project together!

Eddie Dombrower
January, 2002

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Earl Weaver Baseball was originaly distributed by Electronic Arts